Creating A Moving Plan

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Creating A Moving Plan

When I started thinking about our upcoming move, I realized that I needed to create a plan so that everything went okay. I started working with my family members to evaluate our needs and the things we needed to do, and they were really awesome to work with. We did a lot of research regarding our new city, and we were even able to get our utilities set up before we moved in. This blog is all about creating a rock-solid moving plan and knowing how to avoid problems long-term. You never know, these posts might help you to make your life easier.

3 Things To Put Into Storage Before Moving

When determining your strategy for packing before a big move, consider the many ways that renting a storage unit can make the moving process easier. Your moving service can help you access items in storage on moving day and can even transfer items to storage ahead of your move. Use the following guide to help determine which items you should put into storage ahead of your big move.

1. Campers And Camping Equipment

A camper or RV takes up precious space in your driveway that your moving service might need when staging items and loading them onto the moving truck. Putting your camper into storage frees up this space while also keeping your travel home securely stored away until you're ready to hit the road.

Camping gear, such as tents, tackle boxes, and fishing gear can create clutter in your new home, so consider packing these items away for long-term storage. Packing them in advance also means less for the movers to deal with on moving day.

2. New Furniture

Coordinating delivery times for new furniture can be tricky, and buying ahead of your move means you'll need to find space in your current home for these items. Using a storage space for new furniture can help control the chaos as you begin packing your home while ensuring a safe space for your new items. Arrange all the deliveries for one day, and coordinate with the stores to have the items sent to your storage unit.

You can be there to accept the deliveries and direct the delivery crew to place the items in the unit. If you will be purchasing ready-to-assemble furniture, decor pieces, and other new home essentials, consider loading these items into your car so they can be transported to the storage unit as well. Remember that the moving service can pick up items from more than one location on moving day, which means you can have all of these new furnishings and accessories delivered directly to your new home,

3. Outdoor Equipment

Outdoor equipment can be difficult to pack and prepare for moving, so think about placing these items in storage as well. This is particularly helpful if you are moving in the winter and won't need your trimmers, edgers, lawnmower, and pool toys for several months. ATVs, bicycles, outdoor playhouses, and swing sets can also be placed into storage until you need them.

Be sure that all items are clean, dry, and drained of fuel before placing them into storage. When summer weather is right around the corner, you can move these items yourself or engage your moving service to transport them to your home for you.

Don't forget to ask your moving company if it also offers self-storage space. In some cases, you can have all of your moving and storage services handled by the same company. For more information, contact a company like Summit Moving & Storage Company.