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Creating A Moving Plan

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Tips For Moving Your Freezer

Moving a freezer, especially over a long distance, requires some preparation if you want to make sure it works properly upon arrival. There is also the problem with a unit developing a foul odor during a longer move, since the door is shut for the duration. The following tips will help you move your freezer safely while also avoiding odor issues.

Tip #1: Begin early

Don't put off the freezer until the last minute. Empty the freezer several days to a week in advance of your move. This gives you time to defrost the unit, clean it, and allow it to dry thoroughly. Most odor issues occur because there is still moisture in the freezer when it is closed for transport. This moisture then allows bacteria to grow and a foul odor results.

Tip #2: Clean thoroughly

When it comes to cleaning there is a bit more than simply washing it out. Remove all racks and movable partitions. Wash these by hand with an antibacterial dish soap or run them through the dishwasher if there is room. Use an all-purpose kitchen cleaner that contains disinfectant or a diluted bleach and water combination to wipe out the inside of the freezer. Make sure to clean the gaskets around the door well, as food and dirt is often trapped in these. Leave the door open for one or more days for the moisture to dry.

Tip #3: Prep for moving

Find out from your movers what their preference is. Some movers want doors removed before transport, especially for upright freezer units where door handles can make maneuvering difficult. It's usually just a couple of screws to take off the door. If there are glass shelves in the unit, remove these, wrap them, and pack them separately to avoid breakage. Baskets and wire shelves or dividers can usually be left in place, especially in chest style freezers.

Tip #4: Load it safely

In most cases it is best to keep the freezer in its upright position, as trying to transport it on its side causes the oil to run out of the compressor. Don't store anything inside the unit during transport, although you can fill it with wadded up packing paper as this will absorb any odors that develop while the unit is closed up. It is also generally safe to pack items in on top of the freezer.

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